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Friday May 22, 2020

Google has delayed Pixel 4a to June

The Pixel 4a is the device expected for this period of time. As his leaks appeared almost completely. Almost we now know everything about the device. But until now the company has not announced the phone and we are still waiting for the phone, however there are news that the company will not announce the phone this month. We are at the end of the month and the phone has not appeared yet. It will be announced in June 2020.

What do we know?

  • Google is supposed to announce its average phone soon
  • The mid-range phone is supposed to be one of the expected Google I / O conference points
  • The new Google phone is an average phone with a powerful camera and a somewhat excellent performance

Google Pixel 4a release postponed

Google has delayed Pixel 4a to June 2

In May every year, we used to see Google come out with a big conference called Google I / O, which is one of its biggest conferences in which it talks about its plans for the new year. And about the new software features that you can add and talk about the new Android version and its trial versions. And from last year I decided to release an average device at the conference and started with the Pixel 3A which was a very successful experience and met with great success for many users. Because it was a Pixel 3 with its powerful camera, but with somewhat weaker performance and fewer advantages

Google has delayed Pixel 4a to June 3

This year is the expected Pixel 4a. Unfortunately, which has not yet been issued. We expected Google I / O to be in May this year. Nothing about the conference has emerged yet. We were expecting the phone to launch too, but it wasn’t released alone. Most of the news is that Google will release the phone in June 2020 and transfer the conference at this time. This is because the emerging Covid-19 Coronavirus is now in the world.

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Expected Pixel 4a specifications and price

The expected specifications of the phone indicate that it will be released with the average Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, but there are other leaks indicating its arrival in the Snapdragon 765G with support for 5G will carry the basic Pixel 4 camera with the processing of its software. In addition to a relatively smaller battery and 60Hz screen, too. But nothing is official yet. Finally, there is the price. The phone is expected to be released at $ 350 to compete with IPhone SE 2020, as this is relatively good. We are awaiting the official launch to confirm this.

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