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Friday February 21, 2020

Google deletes 600 Android apps due to annoying ads

Google has announced a campaign to get rid of applications that disturb its users with ads in a way that offends the user experience, as it announced the removal of about 600 applications from its store, as well as preventing it from profiting from ads among users who previously downloaded it.

Google says it has deleted apps that display ads to its users in an unexpected way, such as those that appear even if the user is not using the phone, or appear on the full screen during a call or unlock the phone and others.

The number of 600 deleted applications is not considered large compared to the number of applications available on the Google Play Store, nor is it significant in comparison to the number of applications that contain annoying ads, and Google has a lot of effort in this field if we compare its policy with Apple, which is more stringent and keep an experience The user, especially at the stage of reviewing the application before accepting its publication in its store.

In any case, Google says that this is just the beginning, and that it has developed new technologies to help identify applications that circumvent it and annoy users with its ads. For example, there are machine learning tools to detect apps that display spammy ads in order to gain traffic to their websites.

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