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Wednesday September 30, 2020

Google Conference: Unveiling New Chromecast and Home Assistant Nest Audio

A while ago, the Google conference started to start with talking about the content service Google TV and the unveiling of a new Chromecast device; Which came as in the leaks, with its support for a remote control unit and Google’s voice assistant with two buttons dedicated to serving visual content from Netflix and YouTube; Chromecast will be available in the United States starting today at $ 49 and in the rest of the countries by the end of this year.

Google Conference: Unveiling New Chrome Cast and Home Assistant Nest Audio

Among other products that the company came up with during its conference just before: The Nest Audio home assistant will replace the traditional Google Home model. The new assistant supports 360-degree sound and is made with 70% of recycled plastic in a move by the company to contribute to preserving the environment.

The Nest Audio came with a new design in the form of a rectangle with curved edges with the inclusion of four lights under the fabric front. And it comes with a higher sound capacity of 75% than its predecessors, and it can also be combined with two other devices to produce stereo sound and can be distributed in more than one place in the house and play it at the same time when hearing the music in an easy way by calling the voice assistant “Hey Google” and asking to play the music in the position that is in it.

The device will be available to users on the fifth of October in the United States at a price of 99 US dollars and in the rest of the countries on the 21st of the same month. It can also be pre-ordered via The company’s official website.

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