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Monday November 23, 2020

Google asks Chrome extension developers to disclose the data they collect

As part of its continuous efforts to fight bad add-ons in the Chrome extension store, Google is now forcing add-on developers to disclose with complete transparency about their dealings with user data.

Google will implement a new policy at the beginning of next year requiring developers to disclose how they deal with the data their additions collect from users.

The Chrome extension developers will explain what data is collected, such as metadata. Google prohibits those developers from selling the data to third parties or using them for other than the purpose for which they were collected, such as facilitating logins or customizing settings.

On the page of each add-on, the company will display the disclosure provided by the developers of the add-ons, starting from January 18 next.

Of course, this procedure cannot guarantee the honesty of the developers and prevent them from misusing and dealing with that data. But it is a way to stop violating developers when the company detects them.


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