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Sunday July 12, 2020

Google and Microsoft collaborate to bring web applications to Google Play

A new report revealed the cooperation between the two giants Microsoft and Google regarding the responsive web applications, so that more of them are brought to the Google Play Store to work on Android devices.

These applications are created by Microsoft’s PWABuilder tool and using Google’s Bubblewrap and their own libraries to add more features such as push notifications and visual customization.

It is still not known when we will see the first web applications on the Google Play Store, and it may take some time, but this additional support will improve the applications available for smart phone users.

This cooperation benefits both companies, on the one hand it encourages developers to use Microsoft’s tool to create these applications, and at the same time it supports the Play Store with more web-friendly applications, instead of pushing them into applications within the browser.

It is mentioned that web applications allow browsing websites in a more responsive way to look like an application and not web pages within a browser, and with Google offices you can log in with your account and even create a package for the application to publish on the store.



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