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Wednesday September 30, 2020

Google allows unlimited calls in Meet for an additional 6 months

With the start of the Corona crisis, Google made the paid features of its Meet service available to all users for free for 6 months, including unlimited calls, and now it has extended it for free for an additional 6 months.

Meet’s premium promotion period was supposed to expire at the end of September, but now it expires in March 2021.

In the free features, Google allows you to make video calls via Meet for only an hour, while now with the availability of paid features for free, they have become unlimited.

Certainly, this extension will help the company gain more users during the year-end holidays to test and use the service, and if they like it, they may turn into subscribers later.

Google also supported its service with additional benefits such as broadcasting on TV screens and even blurring the background and canceling external noise, especially through its application in smartphones.



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