Follow a healthy diet

A healthy diet can be followed by changing the daily eating habits of the individual, which helps to lose weight, and reduce the accumulation of fat in the thighs area by stopping eating sugar, drinking sufficient amounts of water, and exercising, and reducing the intake of starches and carbohydrates. Refined reduces the accumulation of fat in the thighs, in addition to the fact that a high-protein diet, low in fat, eating healthy fats, and a lot of vegetables and fruits also helps to lose weight and reduce the accumulation of fat in the thighs,[1]

It is also recommended to eat foods with a low glycemic index, as they slowly increase blood sugar, such as sweet potatoes, and to stay away from eating fast food; Such as ice cream, cakes, and french fries, and avoid sleeping immediately after eating dinner, because calories are stored in the form of fat in the body.[2]

Doing exercise

There are many exercises that can be followed to get rid of thigh fat:[3]

  • Walking and jogging gradually from two to three times a week, and this would reduce the weight of the thighs and melt the fat in them.
  • Squatting, where you can practice this sport by keeping the knees outward while taking a sitting position on the chair by slowly lowering the hips and then standing again, taking care not to bend the knees so that they exceed the level of the toes, in addition to keeping the back straight and the trunk taut, as the exercise continues for 30 second.

Drink enough fluids

There are some liquids that help get rid of thigh fat, and we mention the following:[4]

  • Drink enough water, as the recommended amount of water is 1.9 liters per day.
  • You can drink a glass of water or tea before eating a meal; Which helps to enhance the feeling of satiety, and reduce the amount of food eaten.
  • Drink green tea, which is a rich source of antioxidants, as green tea has a negligible calorie content.

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Getting rid of thigh fat

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