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Saturday August 8, 2020

Germany’s most beautiful countryside – -Mursal

Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that you can go to as it contains many diverse and distinctive landmarks with scenic landscapes that work to spread calm in the soul, especially in rural Germany, as Germany contains more than just modern cities full of culture, it Divided from quiet coastal resorts to attractive mountain villages and beautiful winegrowing towns, a large part of the country’s appeal lies in its lesserknown regions on the map of Germany and this adds to its beauty.

The city of Monschau, North RhineWestphalia

On going to this city you will feel as if time has stopped for more than three centuries in this small riverside town in the beautiful Eiffel region, it is easy to see why Monschau is called the “Pearl of the Eiffel” with its romantic cobbled alleys and traditional halftimbered houses. It lines the River Ruhr, and when you go to this town you’ll learn how the city’s famous mustard is made (and tasted) in the historic mustard mill, while pedaling through the old town and along the banks of the river makes for a fun day out.

The city of Brim

This city maintains the calm of its quaint little villages, and at the same time it specializes in making wine, surrounded by stunning scenery and home to less than 1,000 people, its whitewashed homes and stoneroofed churches are conveniently located at the foot of the largest vineyards in Europe It is Calmont, and when you go you can hike up the mountain paths and admire the stunning views of the city, as the vineyards and the Moselle River curve below you.

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The city of Oberammergau

This city is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany due to its cobbled lanes and beautifully painted houses, as well as handicraft shops and a oniondomed church. Going to this city and seeing the play is one of the most fun things to do when going to Germany.

Romantic Hotel Bold (Germany, Oberammergau) -

Ehrinshope Village

It is considered one of the smallest villages in Germany, which has a population of up to 600 individuals, and it is located in a beautiful place on a peninsula between the Baltic Sea and the body, and there are traditional fishing huts, and in other places there are fishermen’s houses made of straw, which are located far on the sand dunes, This is in addition to seeing the picturesque environment, and one of the most distinctive features of this village is that it has many cultures that it can offer, and because it is its distinctive landscapes, it has been an attraction for many artists over the years, and there is the School of Painting that was established in 1894 which contains An art museum.

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City of Meersburg

A pictureperfect city nestled between vineyards and orchards and overlooking the vast Lake Constance, Small Meersburg in BadenWürttemberg has a lot to offer, where you can indulge in idyllic views across the beautiful lake to the Swiss Alps from the medieval Meersburg castle in the historic Oberstadt, as well as You can enjoy a walk along the waterfront promenade in the bustling Unterstadt which adds to the fun during the trip.


Led City

This city was built along narrow canals with desert banks, and it is one of the oldest and most charming cities in Germany and villages in the Spreewald region, which is located in Brandenburg. When going to this city, it is best to discover it by boat, especially traditional boats in this region, or you can rent a kayak to make it. Make your own way along the farmhouselined wooden waterways, stop to buy some of the area’s famous pickles from the farm’s stores, and you can get a glimpse of what life in this rural community looked like during the 19th century at the charming openair Village Museum.

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City of Sisby

This city has only one main road, there is rarely any traffic and a few thatched cottages, and this town has a different and distinctive rustic charm which makes it one of the many small villages and historical villages on the quiet Schwansen Peninsula, which is located on Schlei, and is considered the entrance to the Baltic Sea, this city is a beautiful part of the country to explore on foot, boat or bike in any case will be fun.

The city of Neuharlingersiel

Look out at the wonderful Neuharlingersiel Mina that has a picturesque appearance, and it contains brightly colored boats known as cutters, which is one of the many charming tourist attractions in this fishing town in Lower Saxony, so you can take a ferry and go to the nearby East Frisian Islands, a chain of islands In the UNESCOlisted Wadden Sea, and a popular holiday destination with its sandy beaches and rich traditions, these are the most beautiful towns and villages in Germany.

Neuharlingersiel - Wikipédia, an enciclopédia livre

The city st goarshausen

This city contains vineyards, pastures and gentle mountains, interspersed with villages and castles dating back to the Middle Ages, the Rhine region is amazing with its picturesque scenery and is located in the upper part of the Middle Rhine Valley and is considered one of the most beautiful castles, and includes no less than two castles, which form ancient fortifications and rocky rocks Very steep, and fireworks are done annually, which is a wellknown event in this city and is the reason for the village and the nearby villages to be lit by water.

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Bacharach village

Overlooking the hilltop town of Stahleck Castle, this lovely little riverside village is a popular stop for river cruises. It’s a great place to have a drink in the views over the heights of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and stay in the lush vineyards of the rustic winegrowing region. What you can do is wander through the medieval gate to discover the charming village, walk along its 14thcentury walls and admire the shallow houses with distinctive views.

Altkolnischer Hof, Bacharach germany hotels -

City of iltach

This city is a medieval gem in the upper Kinzig Valley in the Black Forest. The beautiful city dates back to the eleventh century. It is lined with attractive halftimbered houses on both sides of the river. You can go to the market square while displaying interesting museums in the city such as the Museum of Pharmacy and Tanning Crafts Handmade, seeing the various crafts in the city.

SchiltachGermanyCC0 - Europa Nostra

Cochem city

Cochem is located on the left bank of the Moselle Valley, and do not miss its charm with its pastelcolored houses, medieval gates and the fairytale shape of Reichsburg Castle, which presides over the city on a rocky rock, as soon as you wander around its wonderful old city and taste local wine, then head to the hills Then, you start walking in the winegrowing area and enjoying its distinctive views. [1]

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