Thousands of students around the world apply to study psychology as one of the fields that have a prosperous future in terms of professional development, due to the branching of modern psychology and its interest in all aspects surrounding human life, in order to work alongside the developers of artificial intelligence, which is the future of technology in the world.

Psychology is concerned with many people looking for general culture in various fields, of which psychology is one of its main pillars; Because it is the first aid in understanding the nature of the human psyche and how to deal with the different types of personalities around us, and with the multiplicity of branches of psychology, the student and the novice reader may face trouble in finding an entrance from which to start exploring that science, which is what he can get from general psychology. .

general psychology

General psychology represents the basis of all branches of theoretical and applied psychology, as it includes, as a basic theoretical branch, the entrances and definitions of all branches, and through its study it is possible to identify the branch or branches that the reader or student wishes to delve into.

general psychology goal

General psychology is usually concerned with shedding light on the human psyche and studying human behavior with the aim of interpretation, metabolite prediction, and controlling that behavior for the benefit of humanity, but with the scientific development witnessed in recent years, it has become natural for many studies to shed light on smart systems And the development of psychological theories on artificial intelligence.

Fields of general psychology

General psychology divides the fields or fields that it is interested in shedding light on mainly into theoretical branches and applied branches, and these basic branches have developed and branched out in recent decades to graduate more new disciplines, and the branches include the following:

Theoretical branches:

  • Experimental psychology: concerned with auditory and visual perceptual processes, cognitive and motor processes, and their relationship to human abilities.
  • Physical or physiological psychology: concerned with the discovery of the physical and physiological bases of human behavior and the effect of each on the other.
  • Social psychology: studies the influence of societies on the behavior of individuals, and the behavior of the individual in different groups, and social psychology has a very important applied part, as psychologists put people under study in different social conditions.

Applied Branches:

Psychology includes educational psychology, which is concerned with learning processes and how to develop the educational process to reach higher rates of student achievement, as well as both industrial psychology and organizational psychology, which aim to raise production efficiency in various industrial and commercial institutions through the application of the principles of science. self.

general psychology

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