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Saturday May 23, 2020

Galaxy Note 20 photos leaked but not final yet

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 The new Samsung phone in the Note category is the strongest category in the company. One of the most awaited Android phones every year. A successful series in every sense of the word. Now the new phone leaks are showing up dramatically. The phone is supposed to be announced in August 2020, and its leaks should appear. As a second batch of leaks, a video emerged showing the final shape of the phone. But many users do not want to believe it. Let’s talk a little more.

What do we know?

  • Note 20 phone is expected to be released in August 2020
  • The phone may be released with Galaxy Fold 2 in one event
  • The leaks indicate that the phone will be the same design as the Note 10 phone

Galaxy Note 20 leaks

Leaks this time are pictures of the new phone, showing the phone in its full design. Which is very similar to the design of the Galaxy Note 10 from last year. They can be distinguished by back only due to the shape of the cameras. Other than that, it is the same phone, the same interface and the same everything. A video also surfaced showing the phone’s final shape.

the video

Galaxy Note 20 specifications

The expected specifications of the phone are any leading specifications for 2020 naturally. Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor or Samsung’s leading Exynos processor. Big RAM. S20 Ultra camera setup. Finally, there is a leak that the smallest battery will have a capacity of 4500mah. With fast charging and a 120Hz refresh rate, too.

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Final pictures

The date of the announcement

We await the announcement of the phone in August 2020 and there are many hints that it may be a little delay. Or limit the launch to an online conference. This is of course due to the spread of the Corona virus at present. But nothing yet is certain about this news. We are waiting for any new news on the phone. To know what Samsung will do


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