Fuel prices in Michigan rose to $3.74 per gallon, an increase of 40 cents from last week.

AAA data also shows that the price of a gallon in metro Detroit is currently $3.78.

Adrienne Woodland spokesman AAA said:

“Crude oil prices are witnessing prices for eight years.”

According to Patrick Dehaan of Gas Buddy, crude oil costs 53% of what you pay at a gas station.

Where 17% of it goes to cover various taxes, 18% to transportation and retail costs, and about 12% to the refining process.

Patrick adds that the price of western Texas crude oil barrel has recently arrived to $ 111.

“All this is happening not only because of the war in Ukraine, but the transition to summer gasoline is also causing an increase in prices,” he said.

According to experts, the issue is not limited to car fuel prices, but we will feel the effects of this war on jet fuel, as its costs are expected to rise as well.

So do not be surprised if you see expensive airline tickets over the coming period.