From the weights of the machine namewhere the Arabic language contains many sciences and research, the most important of which is grammar, which is a sea of ​​rules and information, and among all this is the so-called derivative, which is an important research in the language of the Holy Qur’an and has several types, and in this article are some of the weights of the name of the machine.

From the weights of the machine name

From the weights of the machine name active, active, activeIn addition to some weights added by the Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo, including the following: [1]

  • Enabled: By breaking the mim and opening the eye, and collecting it is a reactor, such as: a coolant pickaxe, a boiler, a drill, a microscope, a spindle, a piston, an elevator, a scalpel.
  • Active: It collects effects, such as: a wrench, a plow, a lamp, a probe, a measure, a saw, a blower, a telescope, a balloon, a scale, a scale, a drill.
  • activated: Break the M, such as: hammer, broom, wallet, towel, table, spoon, sink, press, ruler, mattress, grinder.
  • Effective: Added by the Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo, by tightening the eye, such as: glasses, washing machine, refrigerator, chopper, hovercraft, headphone, car.
  • effective: He added the Arabic language complex as well, which is by emphasizing the letter of the eye, such as: heater, mixer, whisk, tractor, portable, dancer, refrigerator.
  • Enabled: By adding the meme and tightening the eye while breaking it, such as: generator, engine, air conditioner, alarm clock.
  • Actor: Eye fracture, such as: a bartender, a crane, a printer, a calculator, a clerk, a carrier.
  • Activate: By including the meme, such as: computer, shovel, cleaver, missile, bell, bell.

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the Machin’s name

The name of the instrument is a name that is derived from the verb in order to denote the tool in which that verb is, which is what the subject is treated by the subject through the access to the effect, and is divided into derivative and inert, and the derivative has two parts: standard and audio, and the weights of the standard, are: subject; Towards: cooled, stitched. and activator; Towards: key, saw. Activated; Towards: a broom, a rosary. As for the sami, it is (activated) only, such as: kohl, lubricated, masal, and sieved. [2]


Derivatives in the Arabic language are a change in the form of a word with what suits it in meaning, with agreement in the letters of the original article and its arrangement, and it is also called the small derivation, and from the derivation of verb forms we find the abstract from them and more, and through that the seven famous derivatives are derived, namely: The noun of the subject, the suspicious adjective, the noun of the object, the noun of preference, the noun of time, the noun of the place, and the noun of the instrument, in addition to the derivation of other than these derived nouns. [3]

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Through this article, we will show you that some From the weights of the machine namesuch as: subject, active and accusative, and the noun of the instrument is derived from the verb in order to denote the tool in which that verb is.

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