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Sunday November 22, 2020

From “PayPal” … a new fundraising service

News Now | United State – techcrunch

Company launchedPayPal PayPal is a new service aimed at collecting donations, and it has been called the “Generosity Network”.

And apparently, this new service could be a competition to GoFundMe’s donation service, and it allows users to create a page to collect donations and process them through PayPal’s payment platform.

However, the “Generosity Network” service is easy to use, but it sets a specific time limit for campaigns, which is set at only 30 days, and it also sets a maximum sum of $ 20,000.

The site “TechCrunch” stated that “PayPal does not intend to take any commission on donations raised through the platform.”

Currently, the “Generosity Network” service is available in the United States, and individuals, companies and institutions can use the service provided they abide by PayPal’s rules regarding misleading allegations, incitement to hatred, and so on.

Fundraising platforms such as “Generosity Network” and “GoFundMe” are becoming increasingly popular, especially as the emerging “Corona” epidemic crisis has left many people without work, or needing to pay their high-cost medical bills.

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