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Wednesday January 15, 2020

From a football star to the Uber driver … The sad Hakan Shukor story with Erdogan

He was full of hearing and sight, and he led the Turkish national football team to the biggest achievements in his history, by obtaining third place in the 2002 World Cup, but now he is living a difficult life, and he works as a driver for “Uber” after “Erdogan” gave him his cells to lighten him in agony.

In short, this is the story … the story of the most famous Turkish player, Hakan Shukur, the star of the Inter Milan attack and the former Turkey team, and the owner of the fastest goal in the history of the World Cups, who opened the door for Turkey to win the bronze of the World Cup, as the largest soccer achievement in the history of the country.

“I have nothing left”

However, due to the Turkish President Erdogan, he became the rule of the homeless; he left his country heading to the United States for fear of the oppression of the Turkish authorities, who accused him of participating in the alleged coup in 2016, although he was a member of the ruling Justice and Development Party from 2011 to late 2013AD, but The authority turned against him after he was accused of insulting “Erdogan” on Twitter in February 2016, which caused him to be accused of participating in joining the group of Islamic thinker Fathallah Colin, and then issued an indictment against him in August of the same year.

“There is nothing left for me anywhere in the world,” Schocker said in comments to German media. He robbed me of everything: my right to freedom of expression and opinion, and action. ”

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Escape to freedom

In November 2017, “Shukor” was forced to flee from Turkey to the United States, and tried to start a new job, and opened a café through which he could earn his living after everything was robbed, and he was forced to leave his country, but the Sultan’s disciples did not leave him, so they threw stones at his wife’s shop, His children were harassed in the streets, as well as receiving many threats, according to what he assured the German media.

The former Turkish football star indicated that the authorities imprisoned his father after he left Turkey, and he is now under house arrest, and he was diagnosed with cancer while in prison. The authorities also confiscated all his property and assets.

How to earn a living?

Shukor is currently working as a book seller in the United States, next to the Uber car driver process, in order to provide a livelihood for his family in exile.

The former star in Hasra wonders about the reason behind the enmity of the Turkish authority and his sordid actions with him: “What was my role in this? No one has been able to explain and explain it to me yet. I only did legal things in my country, openly, but I’m called Hakan Shukor, can they tell me any crime that I committed? No, this only means (traitor) and (terrorist), I am the enemy of the government, not the state or the Turkish people, I love my country and its slogan. ”

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