From 2 U.S. Cities, This Airline Introduces Economy Bunkbeds

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Air New Zealand has announced a unique, cost-effective solution to help economy passengers get some rest during long-haul flights. Their new product, called the Skynest, is a sleep pod designed to be used exclusively by economy-class passengers. The Skynest contains six pods featuring bed linens, a pillow, privacy curtains, and other conveniences. The airline plans to launch the Skynest in September 2024 on certain flights, including two routes to the United States. This first-of-its-kind design is an excellent option for passengers who want to enjoy some much-needed rest during their flight without busting their budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How much will it cost to use the Skynest on Air New Zealand economy class flights?
A: Air New Zealand has yet to release pricing information for the Skynest.

2. How much space is available inside each Skynest pod?
A: The exact dimensions of the Skynest pods have not been disclosed; however, they are designed to allow an adult passenger to stretch out and relax comfortably.

3. Which Air New Zealand routes will offer the Skynest?
A: Air New Zealand has not provided a full list of routes where the Skynest will be available.

4. Will Skynest users receive any special services or amenities?
A: Unfortunately, no additional services or perks will be offered to Skynest users.

5. Can passengers reserve a Skynest pod in advance?
A: It remains unclear how Air New Zealand will allocate Skynest pods among economy passengers, nor have they released information on whether passengers will be able to reserve pods in advance.