The French scientist who discovered penicillin, who is he? Where the discovery of many medicinal materials in ancient times contributed to the treatment of various diseases, especially those that were spread in the Middle Ages as a result of epidemics, infections and germs, and the discovery of penicillin contributed to the treatment of many diseases at that time and protected soldiers and patients from death as a result of infections and diseases that were spreading among the people at that time.

French scientist who discovered penicillin

French scientist who discovered penicillin Gerhart, Where penicillin is one of the first antibiotics and drugs used to treat infections that were caused by germs, and that scientist made his discoveries of penicillin, which can be derived from a fungus called Penicillium, and it had important properties in fighting diseases and epidemics and stopping their spread among people, which was causing killing The lives of many as a result of the inability to treat them.

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discovery of penicillin

Penicillin was actually discovered for the first time by the Scottish scientist and inventor named Alexander Fleming at the beginning of the twentieth century in 1928. At that time, the germs were not able to grow and multiply in that area, and since then, the idea of ​​establishing a colony for mushrooms and studying their properties flashed in his mind, and it was later found to him that this mushroom is capable of secreting a substance called penicillin, which is capable of killing types of germs that cause human diseases. Many, and an Australian scientist named Howard Florey and another British scientist followed up on this substance and extracted it and worked to package it in the form of pharmaceutical injections and it became widely used to treat infections and diseases.[1]

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What are the types of penicillin?

There are two main types of penicillin, the natural penicillin, which was discovered by the fungus called penicillin, and it was extracted and used, and the second type is semi-synthetic penicillin, which some changes were made within it and a chemical was added to it to suit the treatment of various other diseases, and all types of penicillin work It paralyzes the ability of bacteria to grow and produce new germ cells.[1]

In the end, it was answered The question is the French scientist who discovered penicillinAnd it was found that there are many scientists who worked on the discovery of penicillin and conducted a number of experiments to extract it and use it for treatment in the form of injections or oral pills.

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