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Monday July 20, 2020

France Football revokes the Golden Globe Award 2020 for the first time since 1956 due to the Corona virus

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The 2020 Golden Ball will not be awarded to any player in the world due to the conditions imposed by the Coruna virus, according to the award-winning magazine “Football Football”. It is the first time that the award will not be awarded since its founding date in 1956.

French magazine “France Football” decided not to grant Golden Ball Award For the year 2020, due to the conditions imposed by the Corona virus.

France Football said in a statement, posted on its website, that “for exceptional circumstances … for the first time in its history that started in 1956, the France Football Golden Globe Award 2020 will not be awarded, in the absence of adequate conditions.”

The Golden Ball Award is dedicated to the best soccer player in the world. It is the first time, since its foundation in 1956 that no player has been crowned the prize.


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