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Saturday March 21, 2020

Formula 1 launches virtual races with the participation of the most skilled drivers

Formula 1 has announced the launch of a virtual racing series, rather than the Grand Prix races at the 2020 World Championships, which has been postponed due to the aftermath of the emerging Corona virus.

Earlier Grand Prix races in Germany, Spain and Monaco were postponed, after the Australian Grand Prix and Bahrain were also postponed.

The organization said in an official statement, that it will hold virtual races for electronic sports for the Formula 1 World Championship, with the participation of a number of current Formula 1 drivers.

The series, which will be held in the same order as the Grand Prix races for 2020, will start in the Bahrain race tomorrow, Sunday, with the races continuing until the end of next May.

The broadcast will be available on the official Formula 1 channels on the Social Media, as well as on its official website. It is expected to continue for one hour and 30 minutes, with a qualification period as the network locations will be determined based on the drivers who record the fastest time on the roll. The length of the first race will be 50 percent of the actual race distance in Sakhir.

Given the varying levels of talent between the main players and Formula 1 drivers, consistent settings, equal car performance for everyone, and reduced vehicle damage will be adopted. Also, the option to adopt an antilock braking system and a traction control system will be available to those who wish to.

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