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Wednesday February 24, 2021

For Xbox games fans … Microsoft unveils a new wireless headset (video)

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Microsoft unveils the new model of Xbox headphones


Microsoft unveiled its latest model of dedicated wireless headphones, called the Xbox Wireless Headset, which is intended for users of Xbox video games platforms.


Microsoft headphones features


The new headset comes with a durable plastic structure, weighing 312g, and provided it The company With special flexible frames around the speakers to isolate external noise

It also features With battery Internal enough to work for 15 hours continuously after charging for three hours, while charging the battery for approximately 30 minutes, the speaker is sufficient to work approximately 4 hours.

And through the Xbox Accessories app, the user can control advanced settings for this headset, such as controlling the audio distribution system, controlling the automatic sound mute and lighting levels.

The company developed this headset to be able to communicate wirelessly with Xbox Series X and Series S consoles Computer And smartphones via Bluetooth 4.2 technology, as well as equipped with Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone technologies to distribute sounds more closely to realistic sounds, in addition to special microphones that can be relied upon to make phone calls.


25 years since Microsoft launched the Windows 95 operating system

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