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Tuesday February 23, 2021

For first time, a study linking personality to risk of premature death

Groundbreaking research led by University of Limerick in Republic of Ireland has revealed for first time that immune system directly links personality to longterm risk of death.
The study sheds new light on why conscientious people tend to live longer.

The results of new international study, published in journal Brain, Hever and Immunity, found that immune system plays a previously unknown role in longterm link between personality traits and risk of death.

“Personality is known to be associated with a longterm risk of death and this is a very frequent finding that has been observed in many research studies internationally,” said lead investigator Dr. Barrick Ou Solipan of Department of Psychology and Health Research Institute at University of Limerick, Ireland.

He added, “The crucial question is how. We want to find wher a vital pathway like our immune system may explain why this is happening,” according to what was reported by “Neuroscience News”.

“Our personality is very important throughout our life, from early stages of our development to accumulation of impact of how we think, feel and act throughout our lives and in years before our death,” said Dr. Solipan. “It is becoming increasingly clear how important personality is to our longterm health and resulting longevity.” .

He continued, “In order to show that people who score low on personality traits for awakening conscience (a tendency to be responsible, organized, and capable of selfcontrol) could be at a 40% higher risk of death compared to ir peers who scored higher. What is not. It is clear how this could happen and most importantly which vital pathway may be responsible for this link. ”

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Soliban explained: “We found that part of reason that people whose scores were higher on personality trait of alertness of conscience lived longer was a result of ir immune system in particular, given lower levels of a biological marker called interleukin. 6 It is possible that re are or biological mechanisms that have yet to be discovered.” Which will give a clearer picture of all different ways in which our personalities are so important to our longterm health.

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