Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the vitamins necessary for the body, and the body produces it as a result of exposure to sunlight, and there are various forms of this vitamin such as: egocalciferol, D2, or D3.

Vitamin D benefits

  • Absorption of calcium that the body needs, as well as maintaining strong bones, and helping them grow properly, but the elderly suffer from the problem of vitamin D deficiency due to lack of exposure to the sun, which leads to osteoporosis for them, as calcium deficiency leads to rickets.
  • Maintains the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Maintains muscle and immune system health.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure level.
  • Strengthen the immune system and prevent infections.

Causes of Vitamin D deficiency

There are many reasons that lead to a deficiency of this vitamin, the most important of which are the following:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun by spending most of the time in an indoor place that does not get sunlight, such as staying at home, or spending a long time in offices.
  • Use sunscreen to prevent sun rays from getting vitamin D.
  • Environmental pollution.

Vitamin D increase

Here the famous saying applies, “Everything that exceeds its limit turns against it.” The best of things are the middle ones. An increase or decrease in a thing is not desirable in any field, as well as an excess of vitamin D is harmful to health; Because it leads to the absorption of large amounts of calcium, increasing its proportion to the required limit, and increases the possibility of many diseases, particularly chronic diseases such as heart disease and kidney stones.

Food containing Vitamin D

Foods containing vitamin D are divided into two parts:

  • Foods that contain a high percentage of vitamin D, the most prominent of which are the following:
  • Cod liver oil.
  • Fish of various kinds, and raw fish is rich in vitamin D more than cooked fish.
  • Soy milk.
  • Dairy products such as milk and butter.
  • Juices, preferably natural.
  • Eggs, especially fried ones.
  • mushrooms;

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of our food, and to identify the vitamins that the body needs, in order to build a strong body, free from diseases and thus maintain our health, and as we mentioned that vitamin D is one of the important elements for building our bodies, so it must be obtained from the sources mentioned above. . Taking into account not to exaggerate and increase it, as well as not neglect to obtain it, and in many cases the deficiency is compensated by taking vitamin-rich tablets; But these cases require medical advice and the presence of pathological reasons for their use.

Food containing Vitamin D

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