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Monday November 23, 2020

Firefox blocks unencrypted communications

Mozilla Corporation has indicated that a secure and encrypted connection is required when exchanging data between a user’s computer and Internet servers.
If the user does not rely on encrypted connections, which can be recognized by the https abbreviation in the address line of a web browser, they are easily vulnerable to piracy attacks when using unencrypted http connections with websites.

And since there are some websites that do not support encrypted connections https and create unsecured http connections, the American company has expanded the set of Firefox browser functions to include a function that forcibly imposes encrypted https connections, and displays a warning message to the user in the event that no secure connection is available, and you know this The job is called https-Only-Mode.

Previously, the user had to install this function in the Mozilla Firefox browser in the form of an additional tool in the browser similar to the https Everywhere function, but now the user can activate it in the browser settings, once he updates the browser to the current version 83; Because this function is off by default.

Not only does the new https-Only-Mode work strictly in terms of turning it on or off in settings, but it also allows some websites to be excluded by clicking the crossed-out padlock icon to the left of the address line from the https-Only-Mode function, be it for once. One or constantly.

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