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Thursday October 1, 2020

Fears of voter intimidation after Trump calls on supporters to monitor the presidential election

The world – the Americas

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford said, “Voter intimidation is illegal in Nevada. Trust me when I say: Do it and you will be prosecuted.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on MSNBC: “It terrifies the people.”

The rules for how election monitors operate vary from state to state, but Democrats and Republicans alike say they “expect record levels of volunteers in the November 3 election.”

About 40 states require independent election observers to obtain a permit before voting, and many states limit the number of people who can be in a specific location.

David Baker, director of the Center for Electoral Innovation and Research, said: “Most states allow parties and candidates a measure of calculated monitoring of elections, but we must also have polling places where voters feel safe.”

During his first debate with his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, Trump urged his supporters to “enter the polls and monitor the situation very carefully,” and said that “the elections will be marred by widespread fraud,” an argument he has repeatedly put forward without evidence.

He added, “I hope it will be a fair election … and if it is, I will win 100 percent. But if I see tens of thousands of ballot papers being tampered with, I cannot accept that.”

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