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Father’s Day 2022 comes this year in a special festive atmosphere, especially with Google celebrating this event, and changing its interface to celebrate the efforts of the father and his great value in the hearts of his parishioners, which made the attention focus greatly to search for the history of this day and how it is celebrated globally and at the Arab level, and we will also know Father’s Day in Egypt and other countries.

Change the Google interface to celebrate Father’s Day

Because of the great impact that the Google search engine has had on users’ interests, Father’s Day 2022 has taken a different and special turn, as the search interface of the famous engine brings you to the definition of this day and how the world celebrates it.

Although the most popular engine celebrated this occasion before, this year is witnessing great interest, and this is a commendable thing that was done by the authority concerned with programming the interface, what better to focus on an important event like this, and a nice warning about the role of the father in the lives of families and strengthening the bonds between the kernel Small to build any fit community.

The emoji chosen by Google shows a simple graphic of a little hand next to a father’s hand in a sign that a father always supports his children, and always participates in all our fun and tearful moments as well.

When is Father’s Day

world father's day pictures
world father’s day pictures

The International Father’s Day comes every year on June 21 of every year, and it is an occasion to alert children to the necessity of standing for a while and remembering the value of the father, of course the value is great, but it is good to find someone who reminds us of those who have white hands on our lives, and Father’s Day in Egypt has a festive character As well as in a number of Arab countries.

Fun and joking conversation often arises when we say why is Mother’s Day always celebrated, and there is no Father’s Day? In reference to the control of the soft sex, over hearts and compliments, so that there is no room to remember the father and his role, nor to satisfy him with the barrage of caring words and warm kisses, and words that tickle feelings!

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Father’s Day Celebration Story

Father's Day story
Father’s Day story

Father’s Day is an international social celebration to honor the role of the father. The history and story of the celebration of this day goes back to one of the fathers, Jackson Smart. It is reported that the idea of ​​celebrating for the first time came to his daughter Sonora’s desire to express gratitude and appreciation for the role of her father, who devoted his life to taking care of his six children, after his wife died and left him the task of caring for the children.

Soon, Sonora wrote a recommendation that we value this great role of the father and set aside a day to be a reminder and gratitude for the favor. This kind invitation and initiative originated from the Spokane region, Michigan, USA, specifically in 1909. It spread like wildfire, and the hands of supporters in many countries took it at that pace. :

  • Attempts in the US Congress to allocate a father’s day.
  • US President Lyndon B. Johnson’s official announcement of a presidential tribute in 1966.
  • US President Nixon announces that June 3 is officially a celebration of Father’s Day and is an official holiday across the country.

A number of countries have adopted the celebration of Father’s Day 2022, and have designated different days for each other, for example:

  • Norway.
  • India.
  • Japan.
  • France.
  • Belgium.
  • Brazil.

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History of Father’s Day for Catholic Christians

The celebration of Father’s Day 2022 has been transformed into a religious day for Christians since ancient times, as we go back in time to the Middle Ages and find that March 19 was dedicated to the celebration in Catholic countries, which coincides with the feast of Saint Joseph the Carpenter.

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Father’s Day date in a number of countries

Father's Day date
Father’s Day date

You may be wondering when will the International Father’s Day be 2022, we found that the celebration of Father’s Day takes different dates in a number of Arab countries, which we list as follows:

  • The United Arab Emirates celebrates World Father’s Day 2022 on June 19.
  • Father’s Day in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Iraq on June 20, and the celebration of Father’s Day 2022 is OK
  • Sunday.
  • Nicaragua celebrates International Father’s Day on June 23.

The most beautiful phrases for Father’s Day 2022

The date of Father’s Day falls today, so we will suggest 4 congratulatory messages for you as the world celebrates a special day in the life of the family on Father’s Day 2022:

  • Dad, you are my pulse, my soul, and my refuge when people abandon me.
  • Although my mother’s bosom makes me safe, but what I find in my strength warmer than yours, it is truly strength-giver.
  • How beautiful is my image that I see in the reflection of your eyes and you are proud of me, and if people deny you are in my pulse, my father.
  • I have never forgotten your joy that makes me fly from excessive happiness and your pride in me, I really value myself with your presence.

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Tips for choosing Father’s Day gifts

With the countdown to Father’s Day 2022 approaching, we find that children and adults are planning to make this day a beautiful day, and show gratitude to the father, and Father’s Day in Egypt has a different taste due to warm thoughts and feelings, and in the following we list a number of ideas that help in choosing a gift And bring joy to your fans:

  • Guys love an accessory for their cars, pick out the one your dad needs, and give it to him.
  • Your dad’s favorite perfume can be purchased and gifted to him, or any of the beard trimmers.
  • Do not forget to put thin messages inside a special card inside the gift.
  • You can send an email via different chat apps and send it to your father.
  • Wrap the gift with a special sticker and a stylized wrapping so that the gift is mesmerizing, so that the World Father’s Day 2022 will be different and unforgettable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About International Father’s Day

Is today International Father’s Day?

Yes, International Father’s Day falls on June 21.

It is important to encourage mothers to choose a special gift to celebrate Father’s Day 2022 as a special gesture from them, and gratitude to this husband who gave so much and so much for his family to reach safety.