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Sunday May 3, 2020

Fast facts about fasting (2)

Read first part of surprising facts about fasting (1)

Beginning to lose weight

Regular exercise and a steady healthy diet are important factors to follow for successful weight loss.

In addition, intermittent fasting can play an important role in weight loss, because fasting requires body to burn fat to obtain necessary energy, when usual sources of energy such as glucose in blood and glucogen present in liver, which body mainly gets from food we eat, are not available. .

And we can explain how process of losing weight is done as follows:

During fasting period, body releases glucose as an initial response to not eating, and when glucose stores are depleted, body consumes fat stored in body to release energy a process known as hyperketone.

Longterm fasting is not recommended because body can resort to consuming muscle protein and converting it to energy once body’s fat stores are depleted.

Improve functioning of brain

Numerous research has shown that intermittent fasting can improve brain function by increasing protein production (BDNF).

The BDNF protein is a catalyst for activating work of stem cells in brain and thus converting m into new nerve cells, and it activates or chemicals in brain that work to strengn nerve health in body. In addition, this protein protects brain cells from modifications associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and helps protect muscular nervous system from degradation.

Promote detoxification process in body

Intermittent fasting allows body to take a break from processed and prepared foods, which are often result of a random diet. Fasting for a short period of time allows body to start disposing of waste (such as processed sugars and food additives), which are installed in digestive and lymphatic system.

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As we mentioned earlier when we are fasting for a period of time, body uses fat stores to get energy it needs. Since most toxins are stored in fats, fasting can be very helpful in cleansing and getting rid of body.

Fasting promotes a healthy diet and strengns immunity

We must stop trying to lose weight

Research has shown that most people do not want to eat processed and prepared foods during fasting period, on contrary, natural foods are more desirable, especially those that contain a high level of fluids such as fruits and vegetables. Thus, fasting encourages selection of natural healthy food, which in turn brings many benefits to general health of body.

One of practices that is recommended to be followed in addition to intermittent fasting is adoption of a healthy diet for its great role in helping body get rid of toxins by replacing unhealthy foods with natural options. Thus, intermittent fasting with a balanced diet is best practice to strengn body’s immunity.

Fasting gives body a period to eliminate toxins and reduce fat deposits.

During a fasting period, it is advised to eat a healthy breakfast full of fruits, to increase body’s reserves of vitamins, minerals and vegetable nutrients that help to strengn body’s immunity.

Digestive comfort

Members of digestive system in body make a great effort every day to extract materials needed for body from food we eat. The digestive system has a period of rest during fasting, especially those organs that are busy with digestion processes that are in great need, and it gives organs and or systems in body opportunity to obtain some of energy that digestive system usually used in process of digestion and extraction of substances.

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Many people report that during fasting period y feel comfortable with problem of stomach ulcers, as a result of refraining from eating acidic foods for a specific period of time.

Get rid of fat

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Intermittent fasting can play an important role in burning fat. In normal case when a person is not fasting. The body regulates blood sugar levels by producing insulin. Insulin, in turn, transfers excess glucose from blood vessels to liver or muscles or turns it into stored fat. However, removing insulin from blood leads to an increase in fat storage. Thus, fasting helps reduce rate of insulin secretion and thus contributes to reducing amount of fat storage required.

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