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Friday May 22, 2020

Facebook’s Workplace service earns two million new subscribers

As more companies went to work remotely today, teamwork and cooperative services began to grow and active, and the most prominent beneficiary was the Workplace service from Facebook, which has earned two million new paid subscribers since last October.

This brings the service to five million paid subscribers four years after its launch. It is still less than half of what Slack has had over 12.5 million subscribers, and the most notable player is Microsoft’s Teams service which has reached 75 million active users.

Workplace took advantage of the opportunity to reach the new record by announcing the feature of the Workplace Rooms group video conferencing feature that supports making video calls with 50 people at the same time, as well as converting text to text and supports six languages ​​during live broadcast, and even the ability to use the portal TV devices to make video calls.

It is mentioned that Facebook permits its employees to request work from home permanently, and this is a policy pursued by many companies such as Twitter, Spotify, Shopify, Square, and others, and all of these employees will communicate together through various teamwork services, and the Workplace from Facebook is one of the most important of these services.



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