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Tuesday January 26, 2021

Facebook rejected his appointment, and years later Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp from him … on the authority of Brian Acton, founder of Signal.

Even the founder of the WhatsApp application does not like what Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg does with the application he bought from him in 2017, and more than that, WhatsApp founder Brian Acton is one of the founders of the Signal application, which is currently competing with WhatsApp, and declares himself as preserving the privacy of his users unlike WhatsApp !

A moment, the surprises did not end. Acton wanted one day to be part of the Facebook team, but the company did not see him as competent enough, and ironically the owner of the company that refused to appoint him made a deal years later that made him a millionaire, and brought him the world of super-rich from the widest of its doors.

Employee Number 44, whom Facebook refused to appoint .. Who is Brian Acton?

Acton, 49, an American programmer and entrepreneur, received a full scholarship to study engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, but left after a year to study at Stanford University, where he graduated in 1994 with a degree in computer science.

The young programmer was diligent and worked alongside his studies, so that in 1992, he became a systems administrator in the Defense Systems, Aircraft and Automobile Industry Company. Rockwell International, Before becoming a product tester in Apple Inc.He also worked with a company Adobe Systems.

Two years after graduation, specifically in 1996, he worked for a company Yahoo IncHe became the 44th employee appointed by Yahoo, and settled in this job for years, until he appointed his colleague – who would become his co-founder of WhatsApp after that – Jan Kum (in 1998). Acton got to know the infrastructure engineer, and they worked together for 9 years, until In 2007 they decided to leave Yahoo.

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Acton and his friend Kum wanted to take a long break before returning to the field again. They traveled together in several cities in South America, played tennis, and the break from work lasted for a whole year, after which they decided to apply to work with Facebook, but for their misfortune or good, Facebook refused to appoint them!

Twitter also rejected him, but he became a founder of WhatsApp and entered the world of millionaires by selling him!

Fortunately for him, he was rejected at his next dream job. Yes, because that was a trigger for Acton and his friend Kum to consider another project. In early 2009, Com bought an iPhone, and when he searched the Apple store, he realized something. The store, which was only 7 months old, provided an opportunity to display new applications!

Com talked about the idea with his friends, his friend Alex Fishman chose the name WhatsApp, and after two weeks on the idea, specifically on February 24, 2009, WhatsApp Inc. In California.

WhatsApp was a free application at first, then it became with a paid subscription, then finally free. Let us know exactly what happened.

WhatsApp was free, and so was the display of applications on the Apple Store, but Apple began to impose subscriptions on those who use its store (since June 2009) after it began to attract some applications, and how Acton and Comm pay the value of these subscriptions? They made their app with subscriptions, too.

Was issued WhatsApp 2.0 To be a paid app, but its subscription was only very simple $ 1 in the year. Despite the imposition of the subscription, the number of active users suddenly increased to 250,000 users, especially since by December the application supported sending photos via the iOS version.

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At this point, Acton was working on another project, but he supported his old friend and rolled up his sleeves to help him, and by October 2009, Acton had persuaded five former Yahoo friends to invest $ 250,000 in seed funding, and Acton became a founding partner and obtained He acquired a stake in WhatsApp as of November 1, 2009, when he was 38 years old.

By the way, this year (2009) he applied for a job on Twitter but he also refused to hire him! According to a tweet published in the spring of this year on his Twitter account, newspapers and websites later reported it, including a magazine Forbes American newspaper website The Guardian British.

By 2011, WhatsApp had become one of the 20 best apps in the Apple App Store in the United States. And there are those watching in silence, the director of the company that refused to appoint Acton and Com.

Mark Zuckerberg realized that this application would have a big deal in the instant messaging service, so he decided to acquire it, and in 2014, he made a deal of 22 billion US dollars with Acton and Com to sell the application, according to the information of the American business magazine Forbes. At that time, the app was used by a billion people in 180 countries around the world. (Now it has about two billion users, according to a newspaper Wall Street Journal American).

Here our friend Acton became a billionaire, as he owned 20% of the shares of WhatsApp, and in this deal he got $ 3.8 billion.

He quickly lost $ 850 million because he did not want to share WhatsApp users’ information with Facebook!

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp, but he left its founders the opportunity to participate in shaping the future of the application, but they differed, as Acton left WhatsApp in September 2017, after a dispute with the new owner of WhatsApp, the blue giant Facebook. Even this dispute made Acton lose $ 850 million, as the agreement stipulated a specific date for Acton to leave the team on WhatsApp, but he left earlier.

The main point of conflict was due to ads, as the founding duo of WhatsApp wanted to keep their application free of ads, and not use their users’ data for advertising purposes, according to the economic magazine Forbes Acton believes that Facebook executives intend to deceive users and share WhatsApp user data with Facebook in order to target users with targeted advertising. Yeah! That’s what Acton warned about 4 years ago, with the recent hype over these privacy policies.

Moving to Signal, where users find privacy!

Acton left WhatsApp to start working on a new organization, namely Signal Foundation, Which is dedicated to helping its users to access private communications through an encrypted messaging app.

By March 2018, Acton announced a $ 50 million investment in Signal, became a board member of the Signal Foundation, and launched the app that promises the privacy of its users’ information and encrypts messages (end-to-end), which was then used by journalists and human rights workers as an option. More secure than other messaging apps.

And now Facebook and WhatsApp are fighting with all their might!

Acton publicly tweeted in support of Facebook’s removal #DeleteFacebook“It is time to delete Twitter,” he wrote on his Twitter account (his account is not verified, but many foreign media organizations, including Forbes and the network CNET Al-Americana confirms that it is his personal account, and tweets on it since its inception in early 2009), and this was his last tweet on the Twitter application – until the date of writing the report – and it came within a movement organized by Facebook users in March 2018, in which a number of leaders of large companies participated. Among them is Canadian-American businessman Elon Musk, who deleted the pages of his two electric vehicle companies, Tesla, Space X, which makes rockets and spacecraft.

By the way, you will find that Mask – with his verified account – sarcastically commented on Acton’s tweet with the question: “What is Facebook?” After he had just deleted his accounts from the blue world. Since we are talking about Musk’s relationship with Acton, Musk is one of the biggest supporters of Signal, and the stock exchange for a company with the same name Signal has risen to more than $ 6 million after a tweet saying, “Use Signal,” in response to recent WhatsApp policies. (Read the full story here).

return to Acton The one who is hostile to WhatsApp’s method of using its users’ information, has returned to the spotlight with its latest application, Signal, which has witnessed a surge in the number of its users with the recent WhatsApp policies, and its use is no longer limited to jurists and journalists, but has become used by many ordinary users to maintain the privacy of their information. Acton appeared more than once talking about his categorical rejection of what Facebook is doing with his green application, and promises to offer his encrypted application what his application that sold him did not provide in the deal of a lifetime.

Acton does not only believe in privacy, this man out of the limelight he and his family love charity work, as Acton, who ranked 38 in the list of richest tech people in 2017, and is ranked 339 in Forbes’ list of the richest men in the world in 2020 – participating in charity is And his wife, Teegan Acton, he and his wife founded 4 charitable entities, starting in 2014 by founding Sunlight Giving to support the children of poor families, with three sister foundations: Sunlight Giving, Acton Family Giving, and Solidarity Giving, investing more than $ 1 billion in philanthropy. One of the biggest donors to charity in 2019.

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