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Thursday September 17, 2020

Facebook integrates Messenger and Instagram messages into a new corporate app

A new integration announced by Facebook between its various services, but it is specifically aimed at companies so that they use one application to follow their pages, accounts and various customer messages, whether from Facebook, Messenger messages, or even Instagram, and later WhatsApp.

The new application is called Facebook Business Suite and as its name indicates, it is an integrated package in one place that allows receiving conversations from different sources through a single inbox.

The application allows companies to publish directly at the same time to Facebook and Instagram, as well as obtain statistics on the performance of advertising campaigns on various platforms.

There was talk about the integration of the different Facebook platforms together last year, as several media outlets talked about integrating the chat and messaging features of Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, so that it can be published through any application in any other application.

Also, before that, there were leaks about preparing Facebook for a unified messaging service that will be directed to companies, which will be launched in February 2019. From all this, we understand that the company is already thinking about integrating its services for a long time, and if the start is aimed at companies, it makes more sense.

Last month, the company began to integrate Messenger and Instagram conversations already, as some users of – application appeared to have a message indicating that they could receive Messenger messages through it, with all the related features such as dragging to respond and interacting with emoji messages.

Currently the Facebook Business Suite app will only be available for small businesses, and later on for larger companies.

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