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Wednesday September 30, 2020

Facebook allows the exchange of messages between – and Instagram applications

Facebook applied the first step towards integrating and integrating its services with some in terms of communication, as now users of – and Instagram applications can exchange messages between the two applications regardless of the application used for sending and receiving.

This means you can send text messages and start video chats with your communication device wherever you are on Messenger or Instagram. Facebook has also launched a feature to watch videos from Watch and IGTV, and soon Reels, a rival for TikTok.

The company says that there are more than a billion users of Messenger, and that this merger is optional, and users can reject it and remain on the high position of independence and separation between the two services.

The company does not hide that it will collect data about users from the two services to provide a better service, develop the user experience, and maintain the safety and protection of users, which are always the same usual reasons.

It is worth noting that private messages on Instagram and Messenger are not encrypted by default. Facebook provides a set of privacy options to allow you to specify who can contact you and send message requests.



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