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Thursday July 2, 2020

Facebook allowed developers to access user data again

Facebook continues to threaten its users’ privacy with a new scandal that has allowed more than 5,000 developers to access user data.

It seems that the leak of Facebook user data will not stop anyway, as the company has confirmed this time that thousands of developers have access to the data of individual users with their ineffectiveness on the platform, although its policy does not allow access to the data of inactive users, but this time the developers have accessed data Inactive accounts for more than 90 days.

The company reported that about 5,000 developers had access to thousands of users’ inactive accounts on the platform recently.

Since the famous Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal, Facebook has added a policy clause preventing access to inactive account data.

Under the added item at the time, the definition of inactive accounts states that it will not be used for 90 days or more from its owners.

While Facebook did not indicate what data the developers were able to access, at least it remains personal data for users, which threatens the privacy of account holders, and what increases the “mud of it” is that the unauthorized access process violates a new law established by the company After a large data leak scandal to prevent similar operations from recurring.

However, the company said it has fixed a bug that allowed developers to access user data a few days after it was discovered.



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