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Sunday April 12, 2020

Facebook adds a new feature to reduce the use of social media

With the increase in the time Facebook users spend using the network as a result of staying at home currently within the measures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, the network added a new feature called “Quiet Mode” that allows the user to stop activating the notifications and set a fixed time for him to get a break from using the network Social Media.
The website “,” which specializes in technology issues, pointed out that this new feature indicates Facebook’s attempt to address the potential negative effects of increasing the users’ survival on the network as a result of social divergence rules and staying at home currently to confront the emerging corona virus.

It is reported that studies warn that excessive use of social media can lead to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, especially among adolescents.

And the Facebook network itself admits that using the network can be harmful if the user just spent time following up on the content that others post without trying to communicate and interact with them.

The “Quit Mode” feature can be accessed through the Settings menu, then choose “Your Time on Facebook” and then choose “Mandge Your Time” where the user can activate the feature so that it determines the time allowed to spend on the Facebook network.

Upon activating the feature and trying to enter the network before the end of the specified rest time, a message will appear telling the user the remaining time of the rest time, however the user can in this case use the network for only 15 minutes as an available option.

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It is noteworthy that this feature is currently available to users of the Facebook application on smart devices that run the operating system “iOS” only to be provided for “Android” devices next May.

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