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The hair of the human head is affected by dandruff, and this condition is familiar and widespread among people, and there is also dandruff that affects the eyelashes, and it is one of the conditions that affects a small group of people, so that the eyelid appears inflamed, and the crust begins to fall around the eye, causing the person a state of discomfort and discomfort, In addition to embarrassment while he is among people.[1]

Causes of the appearance of eyelashes crust

Eyelashes dandruff is a natural thing, and its appearance does not cause concern, but the appropriate treatment must be obtained after knowing its cause to get rid of it, and the causes of its appearance are:[2]

  • Blepharitis: In this case, crusts begin to appear on the eyelashes and on the eyelid at the same time, which leads to a feeling of discomfort, and this case of inflammation is not considered contagious.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis: dandruff usually appears on the head, eyebrows and eyelashes, and it is sometimes difficult to determine the main cause of its appearance, and eating fast meals and drinking a small and insufficient amount of water can be a reason for its appearance, because the diet causes many problems in the skin.

Eyelashes dandruff treatment

Some of these treatments:[3]

  • Use of medical soap from the pharmacy: There are some types of natural soaps that contain oils, which fight the germs that lead to the appearance of dandruff, but you should avoid contact of soap with the eyes when washing the face.
  • Cleaning with baby shampoo: Use diluted baby shampoo with a piece of cotton or ear pick to clean the upper and lower eyelashes lines, and this step must be done approximately four or five times to obtain the effective and desired result, and the need to avoid contact with the eyes, and if the shampoo enters it, it must be washed with water Well.
  • Massage with almond oil: If the eyelids are dry and peeling greatly, it is recommended to use almond oil to massage it every night before bed, and this restores the growth of eyelashes.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the eyelids and eyelashes: You must make sure that there are no cosmetics on the eyelids and eyelashes, and take care of cleanliness by using a special makeup remover, and wiping well to get rid of any germs or dirt.
  • Follow a healthy diet: by eating fruits and vegetables and drinking natural and sugar-free juices, in addition to staying away from foods rich in fat, and drinking plenty of water; To avoid drying out the skin and thus the appearance of dandruff.

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Eyelashes dandruff treatment

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