Exploiting solar energy

Heating using solar energy

Solar energy can be used to heat swimming pools and livestock buildings through solar ponds, and air or water heating through solar cells on the roofs of buildings, as well as solar energy can be used to cook food in solar ovens, where these ovens collect sunlight at a central point Then it works to convert sunlight into heat.[1]

The use of solar energy in lighting

Solar energy is used in street lighting and garden lights at night through lighting systems. These systems contain batteries that charge during the day when sunlight falls on them. These cells contain a photoresistor that detects the absence of light, and also contains an electrical panel that operates the batteries. To discharge them and save energy for the lights.[2]

Generating electricity using solar energy

Photovoltaic cells are used to convert sunlight into electricity, where sunlight falls on the junction between metal and semiconductors such as silicon, which leads to the generation of a small electrical voltage, usually about 2 watts, and thousands of kilowatts of electrical energy can be generated by connecting large numbers of Individual cells with each other, and solar cells can be used in low-power applications, such as: calculators, and watches.[1]

Exploiting wind energy

Power generation using wind turbines

Wind turbines capture wind energy and convert it into electrical energy. The turbines may be widely distributed, as in wind farms, or they may be distributed on a smaller scale, as individual wind turbines used to generate power for homes.[3] It is worth noting that modern turbines are divided into two main groups: the horizontal axis group and the vertical axis group. The horizontal axis turbines often consist of two or three blades, and these turbines can be built on land, at sea, or in large water bodies.[4]

Exploiting the wind for exercise

The wind took advantage of sports hobbies such as kite flying, sailing, paragliding, paragliding, windsurfing and others.[3]

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Exploiting solar and wind energy

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