Attributes of servants of Rahman

In his wise book, God Almighty praised many groups, and perhaps the most prominent groups that received great honor and honorable status; The category of servants of the Most Gracious, who are distinguished by their lofty thinking, high determination, and good qualities; Which push them to reach the highest ranks with God Almighty in the hereafter, and the Holy Qur’an has mentioned many of the characteristics of these loyal servants, and the following is an explanation of these attributes.

Humility and arrogance

This characteristic is one of the most characteristic by which the servants of the Most Merciful can be distinguished, for the servants of the Most Merciful do not always see themselves as less than others, although in fact they are superior to others with vast differences, and from here everyone who deals with them loves them, and is comforted by being by their side, This acceptance among people is the immediate and great reward that awaits them in the Hereafter, God willing.

a lot of worship

One of the greatest characteristics of the servants of the Most Gracious is that they worship a lot, and their worship is characterized by sincerity, for the hearts of these people are closely connected to God Almighty, and from here, the happiest moments of their lives are those they spend in worship, and the Holy Qur’an mentioned a specific type of worship in which these sincere ones abound, which is Praying at night, and groveling before Him, the Exalted, while people are asleep.

Treating others well

The servants of the Most Merciful do not pay attention to those who offend them, and they do not respond to abuse except with high morals, and they may help those who need them even if it is their enemies, it is not revenge or hatred of their nature, and hence this group has deserved that high status it has reached.

Fear of torment on the Day of Resurrection

The servants of the Most Merciful always abound in asking forgiveness, asking for forgiveness, and deliverance from God Almighty, and this stems mainly from their fear of God Almighty’s wrath upon them, and from severe punishment on the Day of Resurrection, and from here, the servants of the Most Merciful avoid any path that may lead to disobedience, or a forbidden act. With all the power that God Almighty has given them.

Their hands are clean, not criminal

The servants of the Most Merciful are mainly afraid of the shedding of forbidden blood, and hence this group of people always rejects fighting between people, and incitement to murder.

Their tongues do not tell falsehood

The servants of the Most Gracious keep away from saying everything that is forbidden, and contrary to the commands of God Almighty, for their tongues do not utter except what is good.

Purity and keeping chickens

The servants of the Most Merciful are the purest of people, and they are farthest from fornication, and from everything that would bring them closer to this heinous act: saying, doing, looking, or otherwise.

They love righteousness and guidance for others and for them

The hearts of the servants of the Most Merciful have always been large, they fear for others from deviation as they fear for themselves, and from here they always pray for others for good conditions, just as they pray for themselves.

fair spending

The servants of the Most Merciful are characterized by being moderate in their spending, they are not squanderers, and they are not stingy, and justice in spending is one of the signs of thanking God Almighty for His blessings.

Explanation of the attributes of servants of Rahman