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Yahoo is one of the Anric companies that provide many Internet services free of charge to all users around the world, such as search browsers, e-mail, technical and political news, and others. It was founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David, who graduated from Stanford University, and it was officially announced the launch of This company was established in March of 1995. It is noteworthy that the headquarters of Yahoo is located in the Sunnyvale area of ​​California.

yahoo website

Yahoo has been classified as one of the most important and most popular sites to visit around the world, as the number of visitors reached more than one hundred and thirty visitors per month, and in order for the user to benefit from all the services provided, he must first create an e-mail account on the site, which we will introduce you to How to do in this article.

Steps to create an email on Yahoo

  • Type in the search box in your browser, yahoo mail.
  • Enter the Yahoo website, and choose from the page that will appear in front of you the registration as a new user or (Sign up for a new account), then several empty fields will appear in front of you.
  • Fill in the blank fields with your personal data, and we will show you the required data in the order:
  • Click on the purple box that includes the word “create account”, then Yahoo will send an SMS to you to confirm the creation of your account.
  • Click on the code to activate your email.
  • First name, next to it is the last name (family name).
  • user name; By choosing the name you wish to use as your email address.
  • The password, and it must be made up of at least six letters, symbols, or numbers, preferably a word that is difficult to hack into the owner’s mail, such as containing uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers, for example: (KGHD2560$).
  • Mobile phone number, and you will be notified by sending (SMS) if your email has been hacked.
  • Your date of birth by day, month, and year.
  • Gender, select it by clicking, not typing.

Services provided by Yahoo

  • Email service.
  • news service.
  • Search Engine Service (Yahoo Search Engine).
  • Yahoo Messenger service.

Yahoo features

Yahoo is one of the most news-reading sites with more than seven billion views per month. Yahoo is distinguished from other service providers by being the best in terms of the user interface, and the storage capacity provided to the user on the other hand; It gives the user up to 1 TB of free space.

Explanation of the work of an email on Yahoo

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