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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Evidence of domestic violence, and another for protesting against military rule .. The meanings of hand signals with political and historical connotations

If you see a woman raising her four fingers and bending the thumb and then bending the four fingers, she says that she is exposed to domestic violence, and if you find demonstrators raising three fingers and bending the pinky and thumb, they express their objection to the political system. The meanings of hand signals are many, and their meanings differ from one country to another, but there are signs that have political, historical and societal connotations as well.

Let us know the meanings of the hand signals that have political and historical connotations

The three fingers are the emblem of the revolutionaries

The three fingers “ring, middle, and forefinger” raised and bowed the pinkie and thumb to protest against the regime. In the recent demonstrations in Myanmar, medical workers and then young protesters raised their three fingers to oppose the military coup, which then became a major sign of the massive protests in the main cities of the country, in February / February 2021.

It was also used extensively in the aftermath of the military seizure of power in Thailand in 2014, becoming a symbol of anti-coup there.

This sign was represented in the Hunger Games films as a symbol of solidarity within a miserable world in which revolutionaries are fighting for freedom in the face of a very powerful tyrant, as indicated by a newspaper report The Guardian British.

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4 fingers bending over the thumb is a sign of domestic violence

In January 2021, the Syrian Youtuber Hadeel Al-Ali, known as Umm Seif, published a video clip that sparked great controversy, which she said was the last one that she publishes on her YouTube channel, which is followed by more than 6 million people, then she raised her hand and bended her thumb, then her four fingers Many observers interpreted it as an indirect message informing about her exposure to domestic violence.

Away from Umm Seif, this sign began to be used in the Corona pandemic and the first home quarantine, in March 2020, at the invitation of Canadian Women Foundation, Which called on women who are subjected to domestic violence to portray themselves waving this sign without the husband understanding it, but the foundation understands it to help them, and the movement has gained European and then Arab spread.

“Eagle of Albania” and the persecution of Serbs!

A hand gesture sparked a major crisis at the 2018 World Cup, when the Swiss players Granit Chaka and Cherdan Shaqiri celebrated their two goals against Serbia by interlocking their hands and moving them in a way similar to the flight of a bird.

There was a political goal behind this movement; Chaka and Shakiri are of Albanian-Kosovar origins, and they belong to two immigrant families who suffered long from the repression of the Serbs in the former Yugoslavia, and the movement of their hands came as a metaphor for the falcon that adorns the flag of Albania, to which most of the Kosovars belong. What prompted the President of Kosovo, Hashim Tachai, to congratulate the two stars of Kosovar, for the victory with a political dimension, and was supported by a number of political officials, including two Swiss ministers, and many Serbian politicians also attacked her, and imposed financial fines on them.

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Kosovo, which traces the origins of 92% of its citizens to Albania, did not independence from Serbia until 10 years ago, as it fought a bloody war of independence against Yugoslavia that began in the year 1990 and ended in the year 2000 with its obtaining self-rule, before its citizens decided to separate completely from Serbian The year is 2008, so the Albanians often use this sign to spite the Serbs.

Sign of victory and World War II

We all know the victory sign and use it, but not all of us may know a usage story Winston Churchill It has, being a symbol for the letter V, short for Victory, meaning victory, after the UK’s victory in World War II.

In fact, this symbol was used more than once before the British Prime Minister during World War II (1940: 1945) promoted him. For months before the outbreak of World War II, French newspapers published with the headlines “V pour victoire” (V for victory) as their slogan in the event of the outbreak of the war that was knocking on the doors, as the former Belgian Minister of Justice and the director of the French-speaking Belgian broadcast in 1940 pointed out to think The Belgians used it as a symbol during the war, then many citizens began painting it on street walls across Belgium, the Netherlands and northern France, and the BBC participated in campaigns promoting the use of the two fingers to refer to the letter V as a symbol of victory.

After a clear spread throughout Europe for the use of the V symbol, and by the summer of 1941, Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a speech signaled the launch of a campaign entitled V for Victory, pointed with his two fingers to this victory sign, and demanded that citizens use it as a slogan, and since then this movement has come to mean Victory in Britain, and the world later.

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The “Shaka” sign

The sign “Shaka” or as it is known as the “Devil’s Horns”, in which the middle three fingers are folded, and the pinky and forefinger remain raised to imitate the shape of the horns. This sign is highly associated with divers and surfers, as this sign is linked to popular roots in Hawaiian culture. It grew and spread across California and America during the 1960s, and is considered the official greeting amongst themselves, the site notes Surfer Today.

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