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Monday November 23, 2020

European countries threaten measures against those who obstruct the Libyan political process

The World – Libya

UN and European fears of negatively affecting the political process in Libya, with its three military, political and economic tracks, which aim to establish transitional institutions, until simultaneous presidential and legislative elections are held in December 2021.

Four European countries, namely Germany, France, Britain and Italy, in a joint statement threatened to take measures and impose sanctions against those who obstruct the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum within the outcomes of the Berlin Conference, including against those who continue to plunder government funds and commit human rights violations in the country.

It called on all international and Libyan parties to refrain from any parallel or uncoordinated initiative that could undermine the efforts led by the United Nations.

At sea, Turkey prevented German forces operating as part of Ireni’s mission to the European Union from inspecting a Turkish cargo ship believed to be transporting weapons to Libya.

A German military spokesman said that soldiers from the frigate Hamburg boarded the Turkish ship Rosalina-A during the night, about 200 kilometers north of the Libyan city of Benghazi, but they were forced not to carry out full inspections, and they withdrew after Turkey protested to Brussels over the European mission.

Ankara explained that the soldiers did not find anything, despite spending the entire night opening containers on board the ship and that the inspection team violated international law, by not waiting for permission from Turkey.

Libyan delegates assigned to establish a unified government will resume their talks via the Internet on Monday after the first meeting held in mid-November in Tunis, which allowed for reaching an agreement to hold elections on December 24, 2021.

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Representatives must choose a head of government and three members of a presidential council, and these will be in charge of an executive body, which should replace the two current competing authorities.

Observers believe that the visit of the Minister of Defense of the National Accord Government, Fathi Bashagha to France, came in the context of the search for French support before the elections, as Bashagha aspires to take over the position of the transitional prime minister, and if Bashagha can obtain the support of Paris or reduce its opposition, his chances of leading his country in elections Next year.

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