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Monday June 29, 2020

Ethiopia: We will not wait for the approval of any party to mobilize and operate the Renaissance Dam


The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry criticized the manner in which some media dealt with the results of the meeting of the African Union Presidency Office on the Renaissance Dam, noting that it had been deviated from its true context, while Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi talked about threats facing his country.

He said that Egypt should return to solving African problems from within the African House.

For his part, the Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation said that the next negotiations will be held between technicians only, without the participation of political leaders.

On Monday, the United Nations Security Council is scheduled to hold a session, at an American request, to discuss the file of the Renaissance Dam.

In a new statement, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that his country lives in a highly turbulent region, and that its national security is linked to its regional environment and extends to every point that could negatively affect what he called Egypt’s historical rights.

Al-Sisi stressed that Egypt faces challenges that may reach actual threats, which must be firmly addressed.

For his part, the Sudanese Minister of Irrigation said that signing an agreement that takes into account the interests of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan regarding the mobilization of the Renaissance Dam is possible.

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