Allah says :

(Read in the name of your Lord who created * He created man from a clot of blood * Read, and your Lord is the Most Generous * Who knows) [سورة العلق: 1-4]

God did not reveal the revelation of his book to the Holy Prophet with these verses at the beginning of his message except for a purpose, which is to determine the extent of the importance of reading and its role in the development of the personality of the individual and its reflection on societies. Benefit of science to acquire and benefit from it.

As for the individual, reading is a precious treasure that is indispensable to the rest of the treasures, and it is the door through which the individual enters the field of knowledge, so he chooses the purest to benefit from it. Thus, his perceptions expand and his mind glows with the information that he experiences in those books that require an effort that he invests in linking, analyzing, scrutinizing, imagining, tracing the context, and retaining information. And vocabulary, and masterpieces of literature such as poetry, prose, novel, and others, and what it contains of wisdom and lessons.

Then, reading – with the free time it occupies – closes a door on Satan, so he does not find an entrance to the heart and mind of the individual to attach him to sin and lead him to evil, in addition to being polite, purifying and transcendent, for it is the best friend and the most faithful companion who accompanies you in various places, as Abu said. Al-Tayyib Al-Mutanabbi in his description of the book: “The dearest place in the world is a saddle that swims… and the best companion in time is a book.” Also, reading allows its owner to see what he wants of opinions, and connects him to whomever he desires from writers and scholars, so you find the reader with an enlightened and open mind And a wide, open chest, acquainted with all opinions, so that it will have a compass that guides it to the right decisions later on.

The one who wants to sip from the vast sea of ​​knowledge must read and increase it, and that is by dedicating a part of his time in which he stays away from distractions, and secludes himself in order to develop his linguistic faculty, and during that is keen to select what suits his inclinations and whims of himself from the beginning, until he becomes accustomed to reading most of the time. science and knowledge later; He does not deprive himself of one of them and does not confine his core to one of the corners of the wide world, just as the parents’ encouragement of their children to read and training them to practice it from a young age has a great role in creating a generation that loves it and is approaching it, for knowledge in childhood is like engraving in stone as it is said.

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