Geography is meant to study the environment, places, and different areas of the Earth’s surface and their interactions, that is, geography seeks to answer the questions related to how things are formed, and in general the roots of the modern academic discipline of geography go back to the ancient practice that relates to the characteristics of places, especially their natural environments and peoples.[1]

History of geography

The first separate identity of geography emerged 2000 years ago by the Greeks, who combined the words “geo” and “graphein” to get the meaning of “earth writing” or “earth description.” However, what is now understood about geography It was placed in the Arab world, and in Ptolemy’s book, “Guide to Geography”.[1]

Geography departments

Geography is divided into the following sections:[2]

  • Physical geography: Physical geography is defined as a branch of geography that includes the study of features, natural phenomena or processes on Earth, and in general physical geography contains many branches, namely: geomorphology, glacial geography, oceanography, hydrology, biogeography, climatology, and meteorology Environmental geography, coastal geography, and quaternary science.
  • Human geography: Human geography is concerned with studying how human society is affected by the Earth’s surface, the environment, and anthropological activities on the planet. In general, human geography focuses on studying the most advanced organisms on the planet, that is, humans and their environment. .

The basis of the study of geography

The rationale for the study of geography is that man cannot live in this world without nature and geography, which is the mother of the natural sciences. From studying geography, man acquires information about hills, mountains, rivers, deserts, plains and plateaus of different locations on the earth, the reason for the formation of each of them, and the distinctive features of their formation In general, the scope of geography is very wide, meaning that it is not limited to the study of material elements only, but deals with the development of human economic life using natural resources.[3]

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