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It was said in the old days: “Choose a companion before the road,” an important gesture that draws the attention of the crowds of friends. Then what the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – tells us about that, he said: “A person is on the religion of his friend, so let one of you look at who he likes.” And what is between this and that is a large area that needs It is for us to understand and realize who this friend is, and how true friendship is.

faces of friendship

Friendship is a great virtue that falls on two sides:

  • Benefit friendship “interest”: It is that relationship that is based in its origin on a mutual interest and benefit that exists between the two parties.
  • True “virtuous” friendship: It is that good friendship that is planted with blessed fruits, which is provoked by a noble character that a person touches in the soul of his owner, and he admires him and falls in himself with his love and keenness to be close to him and take him as his friend, guides him to all good and distances him from all evil, advises him, is affected by him and affects them In one hue, he becomes a different person than his previous disposition, and that is not surprising, for the morals of the honorable are among the virtues, and for this reason, this kind of friendship is the greatest virtue that a person seeks in every time and place.

friendship traits

  • Friendship is a noble human feeling that is purer and more sacred than that it has conditions and restrictions that limit it and indicate it, which as soon as some of them are lost, the contract is lost. Nevertheless, there are a number of conditions that must be met:
  • Friendship is sincerity: It is the true sincerity of the heart, tongue, feelings, sincerity of attitudes, and sincerity of brotherhood with which he preserves his affection in his presence and absence.
  • It is a sacrifice. A true friend does not skimp on his friend by sacrificing for him. He does not care about what he might find, because friendship in its deep psychological meaning is autism, which makes them seem as if they are one person.
  • It is also mutual love and respect; Love and respect are two companions. If one loses, the other loses its luster and value.
  • A true friend is a mirror to his friend, through which he sees himself, and through it he sees his faults and performs them as they should be.
  • Likewise, friendship is advice, it is admonition, and it is constructive criticism, not that which is based on the husks of the relationship, so it does not reap fruits and does not germinate.
  • Friendship is like a ship: only one pilot can benefit from it, and it is not straight without a sail, and the sail of friendship and its two masters complement each other.

True friendship quotes

Hakim was asked, How do you know your brother’s affection? He said: “Who carries my concern, asks about me, plugs my faults, forgives my slips, and reminds me of my Lord? He was asked, How do you reward him? He said: I pray for him in the back of the unseen.”

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