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Monday September 28, 2020

Erdogan: Turkey, as the heir to the Ottoman civilization, wants to revive peace in the region

World – Europe

In a speech delivered on Monday during a seminar entitled “International Maritime Law and the Eastern Mediterranean,” Erogan said that Turkey does not want tension in the Mediterranean, but rather peace, cooperation, fairness and justice.

He added, “Let us turn the Mediterranean into a lake of peace again, and not pollute its waters with new discounts.”

He stressed that “Turkey is a Mediterranean country, and as it was throughout history and today, it is not a guest of this region, but we are the people of the house.”

He warned the active states in the region, saying: “Every step taken in the Mediterranean directly affects the security, rights and interests of our country,” noting that the European Union did not take advantage of diplomatic opportunities to solve the crisis and that it was subjugated to Greece and Cyprus.

He pointed to the possibility of solving problems in the Mediterranean “by gathering all the actors in the region around one table, not by excluding each other,” stressing that the Mediterranean peace can only be achieved by including Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the equation.

The exploration of oil wealth in the eastern Mediterranean region launched by Turkey has raised tensions with Greece, Cyprus and a number of European countries, amid calls for reducing tension through dialogue.

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