Female louse lays 7-9 eggs per day, and they hatch after one week of laying, and the life cycle of lice is thirty days. There are many ways of transmission of lice and infection. There is a type called donkey louse, which is transmitted by jumping, and it abounds in gathering areas, such as; Nurseries, schools, and between prisoners.

Symptoms of lice infestation

  • Feeling of movement in the scalp.
  • Sensitivity and the emergence of small red bumps in places scattered in the scalp, neck, and shoulders, which are produced by the saliva of lice when they feed on human blood.
  • Itching and may lead to wounds in the scalp.

Prevention of lice

  • Use the appropriate shampoo or lotion for personal hygiene.
  • Combing wet hair while it is wet with water, it is recommended to repeat this method four times a week.
  • Isolate the infected person in a single room alone.
  • Keep the tools used for hair care in plastic bags for four days; To ensure that lice and eggs are completely killed.
  • Wash tools used in salons with hot water and washing powder for at least 20 minutes.
  • The use of a vacuum cleaner in the process of cleaning and suctioning of furniture.
  • Cover upholstery with plastic wrap for at least two weeks; To ensure that the infection does not recur.

Some methods of treating lice

  • Maintaining personal hygiene methods, the place where the person lives, and following prevention methods at home.
  • use Malathaion hair lotion; To eliminate lice, caution is recommended during its use as it is flammable.
  • The use of the Lindane compound, which is available in the form of a cream, shampoo, or lotion, and this drug can cause an allergic reaction to the skin, and pregnant women should be careful during its use and consult a doctor, and it is forbidden to use it for those whose weight is less than the normal range.

Eliminate lice with olive oil

Studies and research at the University Hebrew, which took place at the American Institute, confirmed that olive oil has the ability to eliminate head lice by following several steps, including:

  • Eliminate lice using permethrin or pyrethium compounds.
  • Put olive oil on the head before going to bed and cover it with a headscarf.
  • Comb the hair with a metal comb before starting the process of washing it using shampoo.
  • Ensure that there are no lice by using a hot blow-dryer.
  • View it with the eye if it or its eggs are present, and dispose of its eggs using a comb.
  • Make sure to eliminate it for at least three weeks.

Eliminate lice with olive oil

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