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Thursday April 2, 2020

Egyptian Ifta fatwa by virtue of giving zakat to the unemployed due to corona

The World – Egypt

The house added that it is also permissible to expedite their zakat to the extent that they need their needs and fill their wealth, and the matter is not limited to zakat, but rather the wealthy and able in society to include these citizens who work on a daily basis, and those similar to those whose incomes have decreased and their resources have been disrupted, so they can take care of their expenses and charities at this stage Critical age of home.

In its advisory opinion, the House urged all citizens to invest this opportunity to help them and stand beside them with what is possible from material and moral means, to accelerate the good deeds, the competition in the honorees, and contribute the good things, to share them in their critical circumstances, and to help them cover their expenses and the needs of their families and their families, and to demonstrate the fraternity In times of crisis, they push disease and pandemic with more generosity and generosity.

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