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Monday January 25, 2021

Egypt records the sale of half a million computers in 2020

Egypt records the sale of half a million computers in 2020

Although the lack of connectivity remains an obstacle for 80% of the Egyptian population to fully adopt remote work, sales of devices for home offices and virtual classrooms reached EGP 3.8 billion over the past year.

The emergence of work and learning from home as prevalent practices around the world has led to an increase in device sales in the North African country, with Egyptians purchasing more than 500,000 computers in 2020.

The country’s powerful workforce of 30 million, only 30% was considered ready to move forward in the direction of teleworking at the start of the pandemic, but the country appears to be adapting quickly.

We also wrote in Sawalif Soft before the Gulf region A steady boom in technology adoption With economies largely dependent on oil, embracing the digital shift towards cloud services and artificial intelligence, but other countries in the Middle East, including Egypt, also saw a momentum of online activity during the lockdown, as e-commerce and digital platforms for daily activities gained momentum.

Egypt records the sale of half a million computers in 2020

The government has also scaled up local tablet manufacturing to ensure that the country’s 22 million students have access to e-learning portals.

Even with a delay Ministry of education For exams due to the ongoing pandemic, Egyptian authorities have forged partnerships to promote online education. Microsoft, the global technology giant, is tasked with launching the Office 365 program for teachers and students, as part of a deal that also allows the Ministry of Education to monitor the use of more than 20 million accounts.

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While the demand for online learning and remote work platforms has jumped by up to 30%, smartphone sales have surprisingly declined in the country. The mobile market that makes up half of the nation’s appetite for electronics saw a 5% drop in revenue despite accelerating technology adoption for a year.

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