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It is a substance prepared chemically in the form of pills and its scientific name is phenethylline; Where it was first manufactured by the Japanese chemist Aqata in 1919 AD, and there are about 25 derived substances, and it was used at that time to treat hyperactivity in children.[1]

Captagon Effects

There are many effects of Captagon pills, and we mention a number of them:[2]

  • It has a great ability to raise the level of mood in a person.
  • It reduces the human need for sleep, that is, it helps him reduce the number of hours of sleep, especially for those who suffer from sleep inactivity.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • A sexual tonic, as it helps to prolong the duration of intercourse with the opposite sex, despite that, after a period of time it works to cause a wide range of problems in the reproductive system, and this contributes to causing sexual weakness.
  • It is used by people who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels; As it does not lead to an increase in the level of blood pressure.
  • It leads to hallucinations in hearing and sight, and it disturbs the human senses; Where he begins to imagine things that do not exist in the original (illusion).
  • The occurrence of a state of schizophrenia, and paranoia.
  • It leads to a person feeling that he needs to cry without any justification, and doubting those close to him.
  • It weakens the human ability to resist diseases as it causes a shortage of white blood cells.
  • It leads to death in case of excessive consumption, and that is after causing a brain hemorrhage.

History of Captagon Use

Learn about the history of Captagon use through the following points:[3]

  • It was classified as one of the stimulants with few side effects, and despite that it was banned in most countries of the world during the year 1986 AD, after it was listed by the World Health Organization as one of the banned pills as one of the most mind-affecting substances, although the rate of eating This grain at that time is very low.
  • The history of the amphetamine industry dates back to 1887 AD in Germany, and is the main ingredient from which Captagon is derived, with the aim of combating hunger.
  • It was used during the twenties of the last century in the treatment of epilepsy, schizophrenia, addiction to alcohol, and the migraine known as migraine.
  • Doctor Bennis noticed that it raises blood pressure during the 1930’s.
  • It was used in Ola nasal congestion during the year 1932 AD.
  • Alice noticed during the year 1933 AD that it had an effect, such as stimulating the central nervous system, and expanding the channels of the respiratory system.
  • It was used during the year 1935 AD in the treatment of drowsiness attacks.
  • It was first used in the form of pills in 1937, and during World War II Japanese soldiers used it to keep awake.
  • During the sixties of the last century, the misuse of these pills prevailed among young people and adolescents in Sweden, and this phenomenon quickly moved to Britain and the United States of America, and that was immediately after the Korean War, that is, during the Vietnam War.

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