Editable pdf CV This is what will be presented through this article, as writing a personal CV is a professional marketing by the person for himself, as the CV contains a comprehensive summary of the professional and educational history, practical experiences and full qualifications of the job seeker, and it is the most important way to convince employers to accept the application for employment, and from During the content site, an editable and downloadable CV will be presented.

What is a CV

Before going through an editable pdf CV, it is important to know the meaning of the term CV, which is called “Curriculum vitae” in English. The first is between employers and job applicants, as it can be considered an organized and concise summary of the educational and professional experiences, academic and skill education of the person, and aims to show the best of human capabilities and capabilities, and the length of the CV varies from one profession to another.[1]

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Editable pdf CV

The adjustable CV is one of the most sought after things in recent times, in order to keep pace with the development in the methods of submitting CVs, and to keep pace with the labor market constantly, and because of the importance of CVs and presenting them in an organized and elegant manner. Download it in docx format, modify it as desired by the user, and then save it as pdf, where you can download this editable version “from here” and view it and read its content as follows:

  • CV title: Full name with nickname.
  • Biographical introduction: More than 20 years of experience in implementing successful sales strategies and motivating teams to achieve the most desired results, and has extensive and distinguished experience in recruiting, developing and training new employees to drive revenue through multiple sales channels.
  • Contact InformationInclusion of the personal phone number, writing the personal e-mail, detailed residential address, marital status and mentioning accounts on social networking sites.
  • Practical experiences: At the present time, the designer of smart phone applications at the Arabian Gulf Company for Software, since 2014, and previously working in Saudi Aramco, which was a qualitative leap in my working life and the requirements of the labor market.
  • academic educationHe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Commercial Marketing from Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah.
  • Personal skillsI have high skills in communicating with people and companies, great capabilities in team management, and a great ability to manage and organize time.
  • Other FeaturesI am proud of being an organizer, creative thinker, effective and productive at work and outside of work, as well as a skilled strategic planner and good at dealing with problems, making decisions and managing projects.
  • foreign languages: In addition to Arabic, I am fluent in English as well as French and Spanish, and I am now working on learning Chinese to keep pace with the global market.
  • time management: I spend 35% of my time for work, 15% for family, 20% for future planning, 15% for entertainment and the rest for relaxation.
  • Hobbies and interests: I am always very interested in learning new things, I regularly exercise in the gym and love to travel.

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Up-to-date CV template for download in Word format

After going through an editable pdf CV, a modern CV template will be submitted for download in Word format, and before reading it can be obtained and downloaded “from here”:

  • CV title: full name with nickname, and current job title.
  • Biographical introduction: More than ten years of specialization in the field of sales, where I have sufficient and sufficient experience to create lists of potential clients and fully manage companies, and is qualified to serve any client in any work and satisfy him completely, and I have accomplished many achievements in my previous job, and I have a lot of communication skills that It gives me the advantage in taking the management position and working to continuously develop the company.
  • Practical experiences: current job, place of work, city, achievements.
    Previous job, place of work, most important achievements, beginning and end of work, reason for leaving.
  • academic education: holder of a master’s degree, master’s specialization, the date of the start of the study, the date of obtaining the certificate.
    Bachelor’s degree, specialization and field of the certificate, the official educational body from which the certificate was taken, the date of the start and end of the study.
  • Personal skills: The ability to lead a team effectively, and high and complex skills in communication, organized time management and work teams.
  • Proficient Languages: With Arabic, able to speak fluently in English and French, fluent in Italian and German, and on my way to learning Spanish.
  • training coursesDetermining the date of the course, the specialization and the entity that provided it, even if the courses are more than one, mention them in reverse chronological order.
  • FeaturesAn entrepreneur who excels in creative thinking and productivity. I plan and analyze problems and take the right decisions at the right time. Able to work alone and in an integrated team.
  • Areas of ExpertiseI have sufficient experience in marketing and commercial advertising management, and long experience in organizing and studying commercial markets.
  • special hobbies: I love to learn, travel and keep up to date with the latest developments.

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CV template ready to be filled in Arabic

Curriculum vitae forms cannot be limited to a specific method. The matter is wide to choose the appropriate method and form, and that depends on the applicant and what he possesses of features, experiences, educational and practical qualifications, and the nature of the work he is applying for. Which can be downloaded as a PDF file “from here”:

personal information

name Nationality date of birth the age place of birth
the address home phone Place of residence
cellphone E-mail
Identification Number its source
its history Social status


M the qualification its history the University the college Specialization

Training courses, seminars, lectures and workshops

M the program Organisers

Practical experiences

Occupation company Period
Occupation company Period

Career Objective

other skills

skill quality skills

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Modern Resume Template PDF

The format of the CV must be typical and tidy, and three typical CV formats have become famous, such as the reverse chronological coordination, the skill-based functional coordination, and the comprehensive coordination that combines the two previously mentioned formats, and the majority of CVs use the reverse chronological format, which is the most effective The focus is on recent work and experience, and with an editable pdf CV, the modern CV template PDF will be highlighted, which can be downloaded “from here”.

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Upload adjustable cv

The person who writes his CV must master writing the introduction to the CV, which is the comprehensive summary of what the CV contains, and it is the most attractive part for those who read the CV, and this part is immediately after the title, and it is brief, expressive, and in a sound and attractive language. He makes three or four sentences explaining the biography and drawing attention. In the following, an editable pdf biography will be presented and with other formats:

  • Download an editable cv as a pdf “from here”.
  • Download an editable cv doc “from here”.

Download a CV template in English

The CV requires a great ability from the person to list his own qualities, skills, abilities and qualifications, and it is necessary for him to do a comprehensive search for the company to which he will apply, and through studying it he will know the ideal model of the CV through which he will apply for this job, if the job is in a bank, It is good that the CV should be in English, and therefore an editable PDF CV will be presented in English, which you can download “from here”.

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How do you write a resume for your first job?

Also, delving into submitting an editable pdf CV leads some to question how to write a CV for their first job, as most CVs include a lot of experiences, works and achievements, which are what employers and the labor market in general require, but what if a person wants to write His first CV at all, so what can he write in it when he does not have experience in the labor market, the process of writing a CV seems very frightening at first sight, so people familiarize themselves with the CVs of professional employees, so to speak, they will find that a large percentage of their CVs are related to experience and experience long, but in the new CVs of a new person in the labor market, he can focus on the educational level he has reached and the scientific certificates he obtained, and include in his biography the small projects that he may have undertaken, as well as if he has any voluntary experiences, they will benefit him in his biography, and it is necessary Mention his interests and hobbies, albeit in a simple way.

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CV elements

It is important, when going through an editable pdf CV, to identify the basic elements of the CV, with the need to note that the general structure of the CV is characterized by great flexibility, but it is important to have the following elements:

Name, occupation and contact information

It is very important that the curriculum vitae include in its first section and at the beginning the name of the applicant, his previous or current occupation, and all the details about how to contact him, and some of the most important advice given by experts is that the title of the CV at the top should not be a “biography”, but it is nice to put Name, place of address, and contact information such as e-mail and phone number are the most important things in a CV, and it is useful to include a residential address.

Profile, professional and career experiences

The personal file is what answers all the questions that the employer can ask about the applicant’s personality, such as who he is and what things he will submit and add to the workplace and the company, and what are his practical goals in the future, and professional experiences are all the jobs and jobs that the applicant has occupied and worked on in the CV And it is necessary to mention them in reverse chronological order, as the last job is always the most important, and in each job the job title and the date of the beginning and end of the job are specified, and the most important achievements that have been achieved are mentioned.

Education level and personal qualifications

Educational qualifications are always the basis for applicants obtaining jobs in addition to experience, and educational qualifications are mentioned in the CV by mentioning the name of the educational institution in which the study was taken, the date of the study and evaluation and the academic average obtained, as well as some skills that are characterized by the applicant in the CV. List the interests and hobbies that are related to and related to the job he wishes to obtain.

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How many pages should a CV be?

In most cases, an editable pdf CV is short and consists of only one page, and thus it contains only experiences that are directly related to a particular position and job. boring job applicants, it is always better to have a short CV consisting of only one page, and if the applicant has more than ten years of experience in the field of work full of achievements, it is normal for the CV to be a little longer than one page, so it can be made two pages and this is logical .

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With this many CV and CV models, we conclude an article Editable pdf CVwho defined the biography and showed the best ways to write it and introduced us to its elements and detailed all the necessary information in it.

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