Eating people’s money wrongfully

God Almighty has absolutely prohibited the consumption of people’s money unlawfully, and has arranged severe punishment in the hereafter, and promised to wipe out the blessing for the one who eats it in this world as well. This world and the hereafter, from which also the unjust eating of money is exposed to the torment of the Fire in the Hereafter, and God – the Most High – has been angry with the unjust eating of people’s money, so it was stated in some of the hadiths of the Prophet – peace be upon him – that the curse be attached to the bribe; It is a form of consuming wealth unjustly, all of which confirms the greatness of this evil, and whoever commits it exposes himself to a bad turn in this world and the hereafter.[1]

Forms of eating people’s money unjustly

There are many forms of eating people’s money unjustly, and infringing on it unjustly, among which are mentioned:[2]

  • theft and rape; It is common in societies that one has to pay some of his money at gunpoint.
  • The usurpation of the land and its unjust possession.
  • bribery; It is the payment of money in return for his arrival or obtaining what is not permissible for him, and bribery comes in several forms, including: invalidating a right or fulfilling a wrong, or wronging one of the people.
  • Cheating during buying and selling, and its forms: tipping the scales when selling.
  • eating the orphan’s money; It is one of the greatest images of eating forbidden.
  • Eating the money of the working wage earners, by not giving them their full right that was agreed upon, and it is by eating part of the money due, or by adding something of the work to the wage earner without right.
  • Failure to pay the debt.

The temptation of the love of money

God Almighty made money a trial for its owners. Money is a major reason for the honor of men and their affluent life, and therefore people may be tempted in money as they search for it in ways that are not resolved until they increase it and hoard it. This is a severe warning so that the people will refrain from it, and the coupling between money and torment with fire has come, for the torment of the one who eats money unjustly has been made the consumption of fire in the hereafter, and it has been arranged that whoever is safe from forbidden money in this world will be safe from fire in the hereafter.[3]

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Eating people’s money wrongfully

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