It is one of the Dutch cities and its capital, and it is one of the most important cities in it, as it is a commercial capital that owns the most important financial institutions in the continent of Europe, and a cultural capital, and the meaning of its name is the dam, and its land area is 219.32 km. (And when we reached the city of Mustamar, I saw the wonder in its good structure, purity, and the abundance of its creatures, almost in architecture like the city of Brish in Franjah (Paris) and there was no city in the world with a large number of ships like it).


The city of Amsterdam is geographically located in the western part of the Netherlands, specifically in the Northern Province. Its climate is oceanic, influenced by the North Sea, and the summer is moderate and warm, and the winter is mild.


Amsterdam is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands in terms of population, with a population of 805,166 thousand people, according to the statistics of 2013 AD. The population of the Christian religion is a follower of the Catholic sect and the Protestant sect, and the Islamic religion comes in second place from the religion of the population.


The economy of the city of Amsterdam depends on: headquarters and financial centers such as banks, the stock exchange, including: ENK Group, Philips, Deltaloyd Group, KPMG International, law firms such as: the Big Five law firms, and consulting firms such as: Boston Consulting Group And the tourism sector, which receives more than 4.63 million tourists from all over the world annually.

the landmarks of the city

Among the most famous landmarks of the city of Amsterdam are:

  • Rijksmuseum.
  • Amsterdam canals.
  • The royal palace located in Dam Square.
  • Party building.
  • National Naval Museum.
  • Canapes Cafe.
  • Red Street.
  • Central business district.

Important historical stations in Amsterdam

  • At the end of the twelfth century AD, Amsterdam was a small village based on fishing in the Amstel River, and in the seventeenth century AD the city became one of the most important ports in the world, while in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries AD the city expanded and established many new suburbs and new neighborhoods.
  • In the sixteenth century AD, the Dutch revolted against King Philip II of Spain, and the causes of this revolution were religious persecution against the Protestant community, and the imposition of new taxes on the population.
  • Amsterdam has two major universities: the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam.
  • Ajax Amsterdam is one of the oldest clubs in the city, and it is also a major football club in Amsterdam.

Dutch city

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