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Tuesday February 25, 2020

Due to CoronaVirus, Kuwait has stopped flights with these countries; South Korea, Thailand, and Italy.

Security men wear corona masks at Kuwait Airport

Saad Al-Anzi – Kuwait – Sky News Arabia

The Kuwaiti General Administration of Civil Aviation announced, on Monday, the suspension of all departing and arriving flights from South Korea, Thailand and Italy, according to the instructions of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health due to fears of the spread of Coronavirus.

Arrivals of any nationality who have a residence permit or previous entry visa to the State of Kuwait who have been present in these countries during the past two weeks will be prevented, while any Kuwaiti will be subject to a two-week quarantine.

Kuwait had previously suspended all flights to and from Iraq because of Corona as well, according to the Kuwait News Agency “KUNA”.

The total number of HIV infections in Kuwait reached 5 cases, while South Korea recorded 763 cases, Italy recorded 7 deaths and more than 220 cases.

Kuwait Airways announced, on Thursday night, Friday, the suspension of all its flights to Iran until further notice, after discovering a number of infections and two deaths from the Corona virus.

Kuwaiti Airlines wrote on its official account on the website “Twitter”: “With instructions from the Ministry of Health and the General Administration of Civil Aviation, it has been decided to suspend the operation of all its flights to Iran from its date until another notice due to the discovery of a number of cases infected with Corona disease.”

It added that it stopped the flights “to avoid any possibility of transmission of the disease among the passengers.”

Iran .. a new focus of the Coronavirus

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In this context, the numbers of injuries and deaths in Iran due to Corona increased significantly in several regions of the country, including the capital, Tehran, while observers say the real numbers are much larger.

The number of deaths from the virus, which was officially announced in Iran, reached 12, while 61 others were infected.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Al-Farhani’s allegations, said that the authorities are examining about 900 other suspected cases.

And data from the Iranian Ministry of Health, that Corona spread in the country, because of people who entered it illegally from Pakistan and Afghanistan or indirectly from China.

Thus, Iran has become the home of the second largest death toll from this virus, after China.

For his part, the director of the Al-Ahwazi Center for Media and Strategic Studies, Hassan Radi, pointed out that “the Iranian regime certainly tried to hide the news of the Corona outbreak among dozens or hundreds of Iranians, so that the street does not panic.”

He added in a previous interview with “Sky News Arabia” that the Iranian regime wanted to conceal the Corona outbreak not to add a new crisis to the major crises facing it, especially in the parliamentary elections that raised many voices calling for its boycott.

Despite the high numbers of injuries, representative circles questioned it and said that the real numbers are much higher, and may reach 50 deaths.

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